Rat Chase

Rat Chase

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Be careful, we found mice in the house and it's time to exterminate them, grab your broom and hit it!
He will flee with extreme speed and you will have to be faster than him to catch him. The fastest will be the winner.

Objective of the Game:

Be the first player to stop de rat running.

Playing Instructions:

- To be Assembled by an adult
- Insert tail in the Rat and twist to secure it.
- Place de Rat on the floor (A floor with a smooth flat surface will give you the best results).
- Player picks up a broom
- Player presses the button on the back of the Rat to activate it.
- The Rat will run in random directions around the room for 20 seconds.
- Chase the Rat around the room and hit the button on its back with your broom.
- The Rat will respond with each correct hit by making "Yip Yip" sounds.
- Once you've successfully hit it 4 times the Rat will stop and make crying sounds but if you don't, the Rat will stop and laugh at you!