Pick-up Pete

Pick-Up Pete

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Be part of the Special Forces Against UFO's with Alien Vision. Gear up with these high tech goggles and blaster. Use these special goggles to reveal the alien enemy. The blaster will help you to neutralize the threat and will display your score of each alien hit.

Howdy fellas! I’m going to explain how to have fun with this bunch of chairs I’ve got to carry. Choose a color and play with your friends, each of them must have chairs according to the color they have chosen.

Now everybody has 6 chairs y’all are ready to start. Turn the switch on and see this truck moving in circles as all get out. He won’t go over yonder, he will stay close for you to pile up your chairs.

Game objective

Get rid of your chairs before the other players.

How to play

This cranker will start going in circles while each player try to stack up their chairs.

The rear part of this truck has small holes for the players to start the big pile of chairs.Insert the first chairs into the holes.

Once the “base” of chairs have been set all players have to continue piling them up. So don’t piddle ‘round and try to get rid of one chair at a time in your turn, if the chair does not stay you have to try again as long as you don’t crumble down the whole pile. or you will be out of the game.

The first player who puts all their chairs on the stack over the truck will be the winner, To make the game slightly different all players put chairs of any color to make the pile higher. Player who brings the pile down will be out of the game.