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Enjoy crazy, frenzied fun as two players race to build a custom burger from the recipe card they choose.

Work as fast as you can to finish your burger before it reaches the end of the moving conveyor belt or you will have to start over! The player who prepares the most burgers wins!

FAST PACED THRILLING ACTION - Combining Motion and Skill for a Fun, Engaging and Rewarding Game Experience

FANTASTIC PLAY VALUE with 3 Difficulty Levels - a Game Kids will Play Again and Again

ADVANCE to the Next Skill Level as your Burger-Building Skills get Faster and Faster


Let's Play!

Object of the Game:
The player who prepares the most hamburgers is the winner.

Select the difficulty level of the game by pressing one of the buttons located between the conveyor belts.
1 = Easy “Beginner”
2 = Medium “Chef Assistant”
3 = Difficult or “Burger Master”

The conveyor belts will begin moving

Take an order card and begin preparing your burger according to the ingredients shown on the card

Using your tweezers pick up the ingredients and begin building your burger on the conveyer belt, stacking each ingredient on top of each other as shown on the card. Pay special attention to the order of the ingredients! If they are out of order, the burger doesn’t count!

When your hamburger is completed and approaching the end of the conveyor belt, pick up a dish for the burger to land on. Be careful! If the burger falls apart, you have to start all over again.

Place the completed burger on the table, choose another card and continue preparing orders


To play fairly, you must keep the following in mind:
1) All ingredients can only be handled by the tweezers. No using your fingers except when holding the dish for your completed hamburger!

2) If any of the ingredients fall off of the prep table, that ingredient can’t be used again until you are building your next burger.

3) If a hamburger falls apart on the conveyer belt, a player can either start again with new ingredients or try using the ingredients on the belt before they fall off.

4) The player who has the most completed burgers when the conveyer belt stops moving wins.

5) Place the completed burger on the table, choose another card and continue preparing orders.