Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighter

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Shadow fighter is a skill and action game where you need to train to become faster than the Ninja shadow. The player must execute different actions to attack and defend against the Ninja shadow. To win, the player must defeat the Ninja shadow.

When you open your box you will have 3 pieces, the Ninja, a Rock and the Ninja Grip. To assemble, you place the Ninja on top of the Rock with its face in the same direction as the projectors.

To accurately play the game you need to be on the left-hand side of the shadow, so you are face to face. You can move the Rock more forward or backward to create the best height for the shadow to train with. You evan can put some additional objects under the projector to get the height you need. Be sure not to stand in front of the projection otherwise you will not be able to see the moves the Ninja Shadow makes.

Holding the ninja grip

The way you hold the ninja grip is extremely important to the game play. If you are not holding it correctly the game will not register the correct moves. The Ninja grip can be held in either your left or right hand (whichever is most comfortable).

When the player attacks the Ninja shadow successfully, a Green Light flash indicates that the shadow was hit. If the player attacked the shadow in the wrong direction a Red Light flash indicates that the player’s attack was blocked.

How to play

Step 1:
Make sure to be in a dimly lit place so that the projections can be seen clearly. Also make sure that the ninja grip is ready in your hand.

Step 2:
Once ready, there is a slider button on the Rock that will need to be turned on. When this happens music will play. There is another slider switch on the Ninja Grip where you can choose the difficulty level. When this is on the red light on top of the Ninja Grip will shine.

Attacking the shadow

Step 3:
For the game modes, there are 3 levels of difficulty and a practice mode. Once the game mode is chosen, press the button on top of the Ninja Grip to start the game.

Step 4:
When the game is turned on, an intro music will play. The Ninja shadow will appear on the wall and present you with a pre-fight show so you can experience all of its moves.

There are two different positions that the Ninja shadow may show as a defense (or blocking action). High Defense and Mid Defense. The player will have to execute the correct attack action with the ninja grip to score a point.


To win the game the player must be able to defeat the shadow in two out of three rounds. When the player wins more rounds, a music indicating that the player has won will be played. But if the player loses a different music indicating a loss will play.