Monster Buster

Monster Buster

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Search & Move around the room to find crazy monsters. See them, Grab them, and try to Suck them into your Monster Buster! The chamber fills up fast as you catch more monsters. Play only you or in teams to be the best Monster Buster!

The time has come where you will take revenge from those evil doers who tormented your dreams and didn’t let you go to the toilet at night.

With the Monster Buster you will get rid of those Invisible monsters.(they have always been there it’s just no one was able to see them, until now) but before you have to learn how to operate your Monster Buster Unit.

Let's start monster hunting

The Monster Buster Unit has THREE levels of difficulty, we strongly recommend you start in level one to get your feet wet in this really hard career of getting monsters.

When you select the difficulty level you will hear immediately a sound indicating the Unit it’s powered up and ready to do what was created for, to eliminate Monsters.

Very Important!!

Remember, this fight against those creatures it’s better played in a place with deemed light. monsters will be less visible with day light or in room well lit (it’s no coincidence they always wanted to get you at night) So lower the light intensity but not too much to tripped or fall, we want to catch the monsters not to kill them with laughter.

Things to remember

The monster Buster Unit has a special flashlight technologically designed to find hidden monsters, but to make it work YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE MONSTER BUSTER UNIT IN MOTION searching for strange creatures or else it will turn off. SO the name of the game is moving.

Monsters will be discovered on walls, ceilings, curtains or even on the weidest places you aim the Monster Buster Unit at. To see clearly the creature discovered get close to identify them fast.

To get those evil doers, you have to go around areas where the light is deemed as we already said (remember this is important, monsters evade light).