Get Skunked

Get Skunked

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Players Spin the dial and Press down the head of the Skunk. Randomly the SKUNK will spray a fine mist of water from the tail…Take turns spinning the skunk until each player “Gets Skunked”.


Take care of this Skunk and above all, its tail.
Ask an adult to help you in the assembly of Get Skunked.

Let's Play!

ll players will sit around Pillo Zorrillo who will be at the center of the action. The owner of the game is the one who will start angering the roulette. Depending on what has fallen, 3 things can happen:

Turn left or right:
The player in turn will turn Pillo Zorrillo left or right (as applicable). The player who is being targeted by the naughty tail of the skunk must turn the wheel and do what it indicates.

In this case, whoever is pointing the skunk of this skunk will approach it and remain looking at the skunk while the player who turned the roulette presses the head of the cute little animal, which could activate the sprinkler. If nothing happens, they have been saved, but if it is sprayed; then it will have been "Skunked".

When the arrow falls into this space, the place in turn will decide the action to follow which can be from turning the roulette wheel back to the skunk in the direction that is or even, giving up its turn to some other player to try their luck with Get Skunked.

At the end of 5 rounds, the player who has received the least sprays will win.