Catching Stars

Catching Stars

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Catch as many Stars around your room as you can with your magic fairy wand. Your wand will change color as you catch more and more stars. When finished, switch to night lamp mode and dream about your stars!

The first thing you should do is to take your magic wand and the moon module out of the box. (We truly feel this step is basic to continue to what is coming). Once you have them out, the next thing to do is to put batteries in them.

Now that your magic wand is ready, the next thing is to activate the moon module where the fairy is seated, waiting for you to start catching the elusive stars. If you check the back of the moon module, you will notice a switch that has 5 positions. There are 2 game levels of difficulty and 2 differ- ent ‘Light’ functions. Select the game level suitable for you.

The magic of the magic wand

Each time you get a star you will hear a magical sound that will indicate you have scored. If you fail, you will hear a different sound indicating a star wasn’t caught. Continue searching the room to catch the stars before they vanish.

The magic wand not only catches the blinking stars, but the wand also changes colors to show how good you are at catching stars. Since we know you could be overwhelmed with all that magic happening at the same time, we’ve listed below the color levels you can achieve by capturing all of the projected stars.

Game Play

As we explained before, the moon module has two game play levels of difficulty:
Position 1 is the EASY MODE and a good place to start to learn the game. In this game there are 10 levels of play, and the object of the game is to catch as many stars as possible. After catching 3 stars, you will progress to the next level, and your wand will change color, as described in the previous section. As you progress to each level, the stars will blink faster and you will have to act more quickly. Once you complete Level 10 your wand will display a carousel of colors and music will play. Game over.

Position 0 is the HARD MODE and will require you to move faster to catch those tricky stars. In this game, the stars will be flashing in different patterns. In Level 1, two different stars will appear – the first star appears then disappears, then the second star appears and disappears. You must catch both, one at a time. After catching 3 sequences in Level 1, you advance to Level 2. In Level 2 you must catch three different stars, one at a time, and you must catch all three to get to the next level. Levels 3-5 repeat as above however you must catch four, five and six stars in sequence to get to the next level. As in the EASY MODE, once you achieve 3 star sequences at each level the color of your wand will change and you move to the next level until you reach Level 10 and the carousel of colors. At the end of the game there is a shooting star and music plays. Game over

This HARD MODE will truly push you to the edge. No one said catching stars would be easy!”

Who won?

Even though Catching Stars can be played by one player, it’s even more fun to catch stars with a friend. This is an ideal game for a slumber party where your friends are challenged to reach the highest level! (Level 10) See who can reach the ‘Rainbow Level’ and save the magic for the fairies.