Pig Out Fridge!

Pig Out Fridge!

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The Fat & Grumpy Pig is guarding the Fridge. Try to sneak past him when he is asleep to open the Fridge and take a snack. But watch out… when he opens his eyes he may see you moving and send you back to the start…the player with the most snack points wins the game.

Let's Play

After you have placed all the food items inside and closed the door (There are 12 items in ythe fridge at the star
of the game: 4 colors and 3 items of each color), you are ready to try to take something from the precious fridge guarded by this pig.

When you start the game it will play a misterious song to indicate the game is on. Additionaly you will hear some steps indicating you have to step back away from this fellow pig.

Players should still remain in front of the pig so that they are able to look straight in to the pig's eyes. This is the starting position pig will play a sound to signal that the game is starting.

Game Objective

The goal of the game is to take a food item out the fridge without being caught. You have to move up to the pig while its eyes are closed. When the pig opens its eyes, the player has to stop moving. Once the player reaches the pig, they must open the fridge door and take and item from the fridge.

Toss the plates

The first thing you have to do is to throuw the small plates at the air. Before starting, the Players will throw their plates in front of them.
When the pig's eyes are closed and is making sleeping sounds, players must move towards their plates and retrieve them. After the players retrieve their plates, they star moving towards the pig. If the pig opens its eyes, the players must stop moving.


Moving towards the plates and moving towards the pig is the same flow.
While moving towards the pig, you must hold your plates. Any food items they have collected have to be put on their plates and take it to their star position to come back for more. If a food item drops from a player's plate, that player must put the items back on their plate and return to the starting position.


The game ends after all of the items in the fridge have been taken. The player that has the most items at the end of the game is the winner. Then the pig plays sound and the next round starts.