Johnny the Skull Pirate

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Now Johnny the Pirate sees lots of Ghost Pirates! You have to shoot as many Ghost Pirates as you can to win the treasure. The projector shows multiple Ghosts at the same time. The new program is faster, better and more challenging.

Prepare the sails and get ready for this new adventure of your favorite scary skeleton, Johnny. First things first sailor, pay attention to the below diagram on how to insert the batteries on the projector and the Pirate blaster.

Setting up

OK hearties, this time Johnny is on the search for the pirate treasure, but the ghosts of all those ancient pirates who plundered ships across the seven seas won’t let him take the loot easily.
Find a room with dimmed light to be able to see best those scurvy dogs who want to impede you from getting the pirate treasure.

Choosing the difficulty level

Johnny Pirate has 4 difficulty levels, we strongly recommend to start with the easiest one if you are not yet a Buccaneer, you’ll eventually get there but in the meantime try level 1 from the switch located at the back of Johnny’s ship

Shooting Ghosts

Once you have everything in place and you have got to know better the blaster it’s time for you to go for the real deal. Shooting Ghosts
OK, Johnny “Sea Dog” the Skull has 6 projectors and he can simultaneously project 6 different images for you to shoot, get to know them well.

When the game starts, you will hear a pirate tune, this is for you to get ready. As soon as the melody ends you will hear a beeping sound twice, this is an indication for you to press the trigger of the pirate blaster. After this, pirates will start dwelling around Johnny and his treasure.

Multiple Ghosts will be projected at the same time, try to hit as many as you can to get the prize. Every time you hit a ghost you will hear them grunting and snarling like pirates do.

Getting the prize

The lenght of time ghosts stay on is determined by the level of difficulty you set up initially.

The objective of the game is to shoot as many pirates as possible within 90 seconds. If you succeeded you will hear a sound of many coins tingling as in slot machines, this will mean you beat the pirate ghosts and you ran away with the loot, argh!

But even after you hear you hit the jackpot you have to keep shooting until the program stops

But if those twisted sea dogs were fast enough to escape from your pirate blaster you will hear only a few coins falling inside your bag.

The difficulty level will determine how fast the scoundrel pirates will appear so if you have hit the jackpot on the easiest level try to go to the most difficult ones to see if you have reached the level of buccaneer.

Try to be fast to get the projected ugly pirates. Every time you hit one you will hear them grunting but if you don’t get them they will be laughing at you really bad.

Once you complete the difficulty level try a harder one until you get to the very last one. This is only for the most experienced buccaneers.

You can play versus a friend by playing levels by turns. Who gets the more coins will be the winner.